Event Revenue Entry Form

This form is to be completed by authorized Board Members only! This document is for Treasury/Financial purposes only. The IP address of the user completing this form will be attached to the form.

  • Event Revenue Form

    Use this form at the end of every MIGRA Event. Fill out all the required fields. If you incurred an expense for this event and would like a reimbursement, upload an image of the receipt.

  • Date
  • Event Type
  • Enter amount collected
    Enter Dollar Amount (for example; 157.00)
  • Membership
    Please indicate if there were any new Memberships generated.
  • Receipt/Invoice Upload
    Submit images of any receipts for expenses incurred by you for this event. If a mobile device, use your device's camera to take a picture of the receipt/invoice.
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Presidents Welcome

In this, our 23rd year as a Domestic Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Michigan, I'm happy to say that we've revitalized the spirit and Mission of MIGRA. We've brought some new folk along for the ride and I know that we will put every effort into doing right by our Members, Leadership, Charity Partners and all those who support us!! Thanks for visiting the new website and we'll see you soon at a MIGRA event.

President, Scott Korff


From Highway Cleanup to Rodeo, there's always a way that you can help us in our efforts. Send us a message below!!!